My Work

I have been involved in a variety of design projects in different parts of the world, helping world-class customers from various industries accomplish their goals by design.

Here are the case studies of my selected projects.

Procedurally Generated Jewelry

A visualization of people's personalities as jewelry pieces by creating a procedurally generated jewelry system.

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China’s Mobile Payments and Banking Platform

A meaningful, new and delightful mobile banking experience that resonates with Chinese consumers, merchants and banks.

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CPF Website and Portal Redesign

A redesigned digital experience for CPF members and employers through a new website and portal.

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A collection of generative art created in response to GENUARY, which is an artificially generated month of time where everybody is invited to build code that makes beautiful things.

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Fantastic Scooters and Where to Find Them

How scooters play a critical role in many families’ livelihoods by enabling small business owners to move things and people while offering services or selling goods.

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AIA Digital Design Language System

Transforming the life insurance product experience across 16 markets in Asia and building a stronger relationship between the company and its customers.

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Choose Your Reunion

An online experience to let you create your own reunion dinner and share with family and friends in a difficult year.

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CoverBox: Your Infinite Library of Album Art

A responsive web app offering access to millions of high-quality album covers.

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IDEAT × Taobao Lifestyle Trends Write-up

A collaboration with IDEAT China and Taboo to present a snapshot of various culture and lifestyles with illustrations created from Taobao’s online shopping data.

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Year of the Dog Illustrations

A series of illustrations inspired by real-life studio dogs to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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