To Those

“To Those Thriving” is a collaboration with the gifted Neil Wang where we explored the intricate balance between what’s real and synthetic in life, blending digital and physical art to tell our story.

This exhibit is a harmonious fusion of the digital and the tangible — where digital animation and painting intermingle — inviting the audience to traverse an environment teeming with both the natural and the surreal.

The work has been on display in Hong Kong from 28 Sep to 19 Oct in Cyberport as part of the exhibition “The Catharsis”.

week art residency
digital and physical art
August 2023
exhibited in Hong Kong

the Duality of the Natural and Artificial

I embarked on a journey to sculpt two flowers symbolizing the essence of life, utilizing synthetic materials and geometric forms to challenge conventional perceptions of nature. By juxtaposing a day and night scene, I crafted a contrasting visual experience that invites viewers to ponder the delineation between the natural and the artificial, thereby delving deeper into contemplations on the essence of life.

Making of To Those Thriving

Watch the making of the work where we brought physical and digital elements together to tell a cohesive story.

Collaborator: Neil Wang