One month of generative
art exploration

GENUARY is an artificially generated month of time for those who celebrate it to build code that makes beautiful things. It’s happening during the month of January 2022.

Over the 744 hours of January, every 24 hours there was a new prompt for generative art. Participating in this month-long challenge, I chose Blender as the platform and it’s geometry nodes as the main tool to have created 31 pieces of generative art to respond to the daily prompts.

Jan 2022
generative art

Draw 10,000 of something: A typogrphy poster made up of 10,000 procedurally generated spikes to kick off the new year.

A procedurally generated shader that mimics the classic ordered dithering visual effect.

A generative animation of an abstract galaxy.

A re-interpretation of Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza.

Disappearing a cube like how Thanos would do it.

Terrain generated from heightmaps using my friend Wendy's style.

A creative adaptation of Sol Lewitt’s wall drawing.

A sea monster generated from a single curve.

Generative architecture inspired by Singapore's modern condominiums and Doctor Strange.

A fictional scenario when machine learning goes wrong.

A video of a hammar coral from my personal aquarium.

Packing of glowing spheres in a glass jar with physics simulation.

Generated feathery structure in 800x80 resolusion.

Procedurally generated durians.

A grainy visual effect achieved by a procedurally generated shader using noise.

Color gradients mapped to a displaced plane by various mathemerical functions.

An abstract world created out of black, white and red.

Procedural VHS glitch effects.

Type generated out of growing vines.

A sea of shapes inside a futuristic room.

The result from a combination of work from Day 10 and Day 14.

An experiment of proximity nodes in Blender 3.0.

Generated forest with volumetric lighting.

A visual representation of a Pseudo-random number generator.

An endless spiral staircase.

Animating the famous PDX carpet.

An homage to James Turell.

An animated self-portrait achieved by a 3d-scanned headshot of myself.

Impossible structure inspired by M.C. Escher.

Organic looking output generated out of rectangular shapes.

I wrap up this month-long engagement by creating a tiger pattern featuring negative space for Lunar New Year of the tiger.