My Work

As both an artist and technologist, my work is motivated by the transformative power of beauty and art, using illustrations, motion graphics and 3D generative art to render new ways of seeing the world.

I have been involved in a variety of art projects in different parts of the world. Here are the case studies of my selected projects.

Invincible Corals

An immersive underwater experience featured in Vivid Sydney 2023, inspired by a dive through a famed shipwreck.

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To Those Thriving

An exploration of the intricate balance between what’s real and synthetic in life.

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Commune at fabric

A unique experience combining immersive art exhibitions and music at fabric London.

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GIFFEST III: Imperfect

Explore imperfection at Asia’s largest celebration of GIFs.

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An audio-interactive installation for a private event in the National Gallery of Singapore.

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L!VE MY STYLE at Xintiandi

Personal exhibition in the public space of an iconic shopping mall in Shanghai.

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Procedurally Generated Jewelry

A visualization of people’s personalities as jewelry pieces by creating a procedurally generated jewelry system.

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A collection of generative art created in response to GENUARY, which is an artificially generated month of time where everybody is invited to build code that makes beautiful things.

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