Hello, I’m Henry.

I’m a visual artist with a technology background, living in Singapore after a long run in Shanghai.



I make art.

I enjoy creating art that can play a meaningful role in people’s lives, and empower people to accomplish more.


I craft experience.

I try to bring out the critical visual aspects of each and every project, allowing the end users to fully appreciate the final experience.


I design with code.

Coming from a computer science background, I fully leverage technology to conduct design, exploring visual ideas through a new lens.


Invincible Corals

A coral reef inspired immersive experience commissioned by Vivid Sydney 2023.

Your title doesn’t define you, what you do does.

While “visual artist” tells effectively what I do, being truly creative takes a lot of going beyond the discipline and stepping outside the comfort zone.

Taking advantage of my cross-disciplinary nature, I believe it’s a continuous act of self discovery to be a stronger designer as I gain more knowledge and skills along the way.


Procedurally Generated Jewelry

A visualization of people's personalities as jewelry pieces by creating a procedurally generated jewelry system.

I’ve worked with...

I have been involved in a variety of design projects helping world-class customers from industries including automotive, finance, insurance, mobile, restaurant and skincare. As a designer with an engineering background, I have completed projects asking for both outstanding design skills and technology knowledge, and helped clients undergo digital transformation and innovation.