Year of the Dog Illustrations

Among the 12 Chinese zodiacs animals, dog might be one of the closest to human lives. It’s undeniable that dogs and humans share a special bond. Since 2018 is a year of the dog, I took the chance to create a set of illustrations that were inspired by 3 real dogs living around the design studio to celebrate the Chinese new year.

studio dogs
Feb 2018

The Studio Dogs

To create my illustrations, I selected 3 of the dogs that live around the studio.


Lupe was found on the street having difficulty finding home. He was taken care of for a short while by our Vice President until sent back to his owner.


Biru is an Akita that belongs to our Marketing Director. She is friendly and curious, a lively girl that everybody loves.


Tofu is raised by one of our Interaction Designers. She has such a special pair of eyebrows that you can't stop staring at.

The Illustrations

I created a set of illustrations sampling and taking characteristics from the 3 studio dogs, while keeping them generalized enough for a larger audience to resonate with.

Wallpaper and Postcard

For the special time of the year, the set of illustrations were further made into smartphone wallpapers, printed as postcards and even turned into magnets to send around the studio as a special CNY gift.

Illustrations: Henry Hu