China’s Mobile Payments and Banking Platform

We helped to create China’s preferred mobile payments and banking platform with a differentiated design that resonates with Chinese consumers, merchants and banks.

weeks of design
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Aug 2018

It’s Brand New

Customers perceive a lack of design differentiation in the mobile payments arena in China and all competitors are perceived to look similar. We want to create a new digital brand that is courageous and stands out through a unique and new design, which nevertheless extends the existing brand, history and heritage in a consistent and meaningful way.

Three Mindsets, Three Spaces

Although it’s always good to have a lot of features, the mindset while using them can be totally different. We offered an interaction model that creates clearly themed experiences for the three core mindsets when users use the app.


Users swipe to the left to initiate payments and all payment related activities.


They land on the middle screen to explore content and discover benefits and deals from the merchants and business partners.


Users swipe to the right to track their financial status and manage their bank accounts.

Surprisingly Simple

Usage of many mobile payment features takes place when customers are out and about and at times distracted. They therefore expect utmost simplicity and focus.

Simplicity turns from an expectation into a surprise for the more involved use cases such as bank card management and mobile banking. We managed to establish a digital brand that makes mobile payment and finance simple and fun.

A Truly Adaptive UI System

As a platform that will have to reconcile multiple brands, needs and interests, we wanted to make every brand shine when and where it matters and deserves its own moment.

In order to create a design system that can work with millions of third-party partners and brands, we created an algorithm that can automatically learn the most dominant color for a specific brand and adapt the color to various UI elements correspondingly. It can also take a physical bank card design and generate a digital representation of it based on its color palette with readability considered.

This way, we get to celebrate each brand in the customer journey where they truly own and dominate.

Role on the team: visual designer

Disclaimer: fictional content has been
created for presentation purpose.