CPF Website and Portal Redesign

CPFB — Singapore’s Central Providence Fund Board — engaged Accenture × Fjord to deliver a whole new digital experience for CPF members and employers through a new website and portal, which has an impact on every Singaporean’s life:

months project
Apr 2021
gone live
4+ Million
active members

Navigating the Aesthetic-Accessibiity Paradox

As Singapore is one of the most multi-cultural and diverse countries, the project proposed unprecedented challenges to build an inclusive and robust design system that can cater for the full spectrum of age and digital savviness.

As a visual designer on the team, we had meticulously crafted the visual language to make sure it comforms to the accessibility requirements and various govertment guidelines while at the same time remains appealing to the eyes.

Put Scalability at Heart

Elaborate testing had been performed to make all UI components are designed with the maximum flexibility considered and an work as seamlessly as possible with each other on different devices. A design system was being built along the design journey to not only establish consistency, but also to make scaling up in the future become easy.

CPF Responsible

The team has supported the client to bring the experience to life from design through development via extensive user testing and close collaboration with the development team, a demonstration of how large-scale agile projects should be carried through.

CPF Poster

Role on the team: visual designer

The project was done as a full time employee at Fjord.