CoverBox: Your Infinite Library of Album Art

Ever since modern commercial music, stunning album art has been an intrinsic part of the music experience.

CoverBox is a responsive web app designed to offer access to millions of high-quality album covers with ease and pleasure.

Apr 2013
first launch
3 Million
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Mar 2019

Music Isn't Just about the Music

While sounds are undeniably the most essential element of music, no one can ignore the role of cover art in making a brilliant album. Though a lot has changed over the past few years with music streaming services, album art is anything but obsolete. Having a well-groomed digital music library still remains as one of the grandest pleasures for many music lovers.

CoverBox utilizes the iTunes Search API, which allows access to the content in the iTunes Store, where an ocean of album art is stored—all glorious and high quality.

Adaptive UI
CoverBox Displaying a Grid of Album Art

Make the Album Art Shine

visually supplementing the melody, It’s hard to think of an iconic album without mentally recalling its album art. CoverBox treats each album cover as the absolute focus of the page, framed in a surprisingly simple yet elegant layout. Different sizes of the art are offered for direct download thanks to iTunes, with the color palette analyzed and displayed as an inspiration.

A Tailored Color Scheme for Each Album

Thanks to the amazing work from Jari Zwarts, CoverBox is able to use Vibrant.js to extract prominent colors from any album cover image. Based on the color palette calculated, a new color scheme is created dynamically with the colors of the image and text legibility considered. As a result, a smartly tailored UI color scheme is applied real-time In order to visually bring the best out of each album cover displayed on the page, for the art to be appreciated as it deserves.

Adaptive UI
Customized Color Schemes

Design and development: Henry Hu
Vibrant.js: Jari Zwarts
All information on CoverBox is provided courtesy of iTunes