Choose Your Reunion

Many celebrations have been disrupted by the global pandemic. This year, the Reunion Dinner — which is a big part of the Lunar New Year celebration — was limited or even impossible for many.

So we created a little online application to let you create your own reunion dinner, choosing your favourite foods. There is no right or wrong here, but your Virtual Chinese Grandmother will be judging your choices:

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Chinese New Year

The application was not only to promote sharing and conversations when many people were not able to go home physically and reunite with their family and friends, it was also designed to celebrate culture diversity — with various food featured from many different Asian and non-Asian cultures. The witty and funny comments the Asian grandma makes also adds to the fun spirit and hopefully resonates with our “Asian grandchildren”.

Project lead: Henry Hu
Illustrations: Grace Gandi G, Henry Hu, John Teo, Yee Mun Ooi
UX design: Wondo Jeong
Content writing: Brandon Lee
Development: Henry Hu