AIA Digital Design Language System

The digital design language makes it easy for millions of people to access life insurance product information. Users are staying on the site longer, and the share of mobile device visits has grown.

For the first time, AIA now has a unified look and feel across all of AIA Group’s online properties, across all platforms, business lines and country markets:

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Jun 2016
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Human-centered Design

To ensure AIA Group's interactions with customers were relevant and simple, we introduced a human-centered design process. We spent weeks talking and listening to AIA customers in different Asian countries to understand their interactions with AIA products. We identified customer archetypes, key journeys and pivotal moments, and leveraged these findings to develop a set of design principles that have been adopted company wide.

Extending the Brand Language

Customers are increasingly using their mobile phones to research insurance products, meaning AIA Group’s existing built for print brand guidelines needed to be updated. We created a new digital design language system with mobile-first elements, including a new typeface.

The new visual direction is aiming to be simple yet approachable, refreshing to look at but not disconnected from the existing image, inheriting the core values of AIA as a brand.

Mobile First UI Components
An Evolved Look of the Brand
AIA Screens Showcase
Modular and Scalable UI Components

A Scalable Framework

Insights from Design Research identified local country-specific nuances, as well as consistent regional themes. This enabled us to build a flexible design framework to ensure relevancy, while increasing speed to market.

Having to span across various Asian markets, each and every component was designed with scalability well-considered, making sure the user interface will look as good in any language settings.

Role on the team: visual designer

The project was done as a full time employee at frog.